Smoke Trails

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Package Description

Smoke Trails For All Aircraft - (Paid Resource)

One smoke trail isn't enough? Two smoke trails aren't enough? How about three then?

This resource is made by ToxicScripts.


  • Support all aircrafts
  • Supports 5 smoke positions (All, Back, Wings, LeftWing, RightWing)
  • No weird cloud puffs
  • Full RGB/HEX customization for each smoke trail (With UI)
  • Support for macros (For Airshows)
  • Adjustable Key (In settings.ini) Keys Can Be Found Here
  • Smoke data gets saved for the next launch (server side)
  • Onesync Compatible


  • /smoke [type(All or a, Back or b, Wings or w, LeftWing or lw, RightWing or rw)] (This changes the smoke trails positions)
  • /smokesize [decimal size] (Change the smoke size, MIN 0.5, MAX 5)
  • /smokecolour (No arguments to open the menu)
  • /copysmoke [id] (Copy Another Player's Smoke Trails [Useful for teams])

Macro Usage

/smokecolour [rgb values between 0 - 255] (To change the color)

/smokecolour 255 255 255 (this will make the back smoke colour white)

/smokecolour -1 255 0 255 0 0 (this will not change the back smoke color since we put -1 and the left-wing smoke colour will become red)

/smokecolour 255 0 -1 255 -1 -1 0 255 0 (this will leave the Back and the Left-Wing smoke colour and will change only the left-wing)

So /smokecolour be bg bb lwr lwg lwb rwr rwg rwb


1. Purchase the resource.

2. Check your email (And Spam Folder) for the resource

3. Place the resource files in your server's resources folder!

4. No setup needed this works for all planes :)

Note: By purchasing this resource you accept our terms of service found here