Aircraft Carrier

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Package Description

Fully Working Aircraft Carrier - (Paid Resource)

This resource allows you to make the default GTAV carrier more realistic and functional with its working Deflectors, Arresting Cables, Autopilot, Catapult Launching, and Runway Launching. This will ultimately enhance the gameplay and make it more realistic.

This resource is made by ToxicScripts.

The Deflector Models Are Available Thanks To El Creador


  • Autopilot that drives to the Catapult Launch Positions and Runway Launch Positions
  • Working Deflectors when launching from the Catapult
  • Realistic Catapult Boost when launching
  • A Small boost when launching from the runway
  • Animated Arresting Cables (5 Cables) which attach and detach
  • Realistic Pulling Physics in the Arresting Cables
  • Perfect Catapult And Runway Launching Alignment
  • Deflectors And Arresting Cables are Synced!
  • Working elevators
  • Onesync Compatible


  • /catapult [Speed 1-20, Can Be Blank] To Start Autopilot And Initiate The Catapult Launch
  • /runway [Speed 1-20, Can Be Blank] To Start Autopilot And Initiate The Runway Launch
  • /runwayland To Initiate The Landing Sequence (Open The Arresting Cables) Only One Person At A time Can Use The Landing Sequence (Only Works If You Are Near The Runway)
  • /elevator To Toggle The Nearest Runway Elevator
  • /resetrunway This Resets The Cables, The Elevators And The Deflectors Client-Side If You Got Issues


1. Purchase the resource.

2. Check your email (And Spam Folder) for the resource

3. Place the resource files in your server's resources folder!

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